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What to Look for in PC Monitoring Software

The Internet is an amazing tool for children and teens to use to learn, grow and explore their interests. It provides an entertaining outlet while also serving as a powerful educational resource. Unfortunately, it’s also a convenient tool for bad guys to put to use to help them find young marks to exploit. That’s why so many parents are finding it helpful to install PC monitoring software on the machines their kids use.

Shopping around for PC and computer monitoring software can be a daunting prospect for parents. This is especially so if a parent is concerned about privacy and invading a child’s space. Sadly, in this day and age, there is a solid need for monitoring of online activities to keep young children and even teens safe from bullies and predators who stalk the Internet. With that in mind, monitoring software should provide parents with a host of tracking tools in order to be considered worth the purchase.

Here are a few important features to look for when considering PC monitoring software:

Instant messaging monitoring

Quick instant message chats are generally innocent exchanges between children and their friends. They can, however, also be used by Internet predators to help them arrange meetings with teens. Cyber bullies also love the perceived anonymity of these chats. Decent monitoring software enables parents to see and read the messages that are exchanged using most IM programs.

Website blocking

Even when a child or teen is considered highly responsible, it’s a good idea for parents to block access to sites they deem inappropriate. A good PC monitoring software package will make this process simple.

Key logging and screenshots

Keeping up with a teen’s social media activity can be as important as taking the time to meet every friend he or she hangs out with. Being able to effectively do so, however, requires having the ability to capture activity and record passwords and user names. Programs that offer keylogging and screenshot ability make this a snap.

Email monitoring

Being able to keep tabs on incoming and outgoing emails helps parents make sure teens haven’t stumbled into trouble. Better programs offer this ability, as well. Monitoring a child’s online activity is an important part of parenting in the Internet Age. PC monitoring software makes it easier to do so.

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