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View Website History and Block Content


With imView’s Family Online Safety Program, parents have the ability to view every website their children are visiting as well as block any inappropriate content.

Viewing website history through your browser only lists the name of the website pages your children are visiting. With imView’s website data collector you can view the name of the actual website your children are visiting as well as have a direct link to the pages visited so you can view the actual content.

This is a very effective way of providing awareness to the parents who use imView.

In addition, parents find our content blocking functionality extremely useful. Parents not only have the option to block specific websites, but also can pick from a list of hundreds of pre-built website content topics. When a child tries to visit a website being blocked, they will receive an error message that the page in unavailable.

As with all of imView’s data collectors, this information can be viewed from anywhere you have an Internet connection through your imView account and all of the data collection is done discreetly.


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