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Terms and Conditions

The goal at imView is to assist parents in protecting their children from the dangers they may encounter online by providing them with the ability to capture and view online activity. We recognize however, that while imView is a very effective tool for parents and guardians to safeguard their children, it can be misused. Therefore, ImView requires all users of the service to do so in a manor that is consistent with the terms of use below and by using the imView service, users are agreeing to these terms of use.

imView’s terms of use apply to all software and services provided by imView, including web based services, client software, and any subsequent updates to it.

Users of the service agree to provide imView information that is accurate and truthful at time of registration. Users also agree to keep this information current during the time they use the imView service for the purposes of billing and effective account management.

A subscription to imView is a user license agreement and not a purchase of software. This subscription provides for only the use of the imView service alone. ImView reserves all other rights.

imView’s service should not be used to monitor anyone age 18 and over without their express written consent. ImView and Uvee Technologies LLC, are not responsible for the misuse of imView service including, but not exclusive to, the monitoring of an adult without their express written consent and any use of the service in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to any network, user accounts, and/or personal data.

Subscribers to the imView monthly subscription are committing to the service for a minimum of one year and will be billed the monthly rate automatically each month. At the end of each one (1) year term, the subscription will auto-renew for another one year term, billed monthly unless the subscriber notifies imView (30 days prior to the end of term) via written notice or email to

Subscribers to the imView annual subscription will be billed the full annual fee at time of purchase, marking the beginning of their one (1) year subscription agreement. Annual subscriptions will auto-renew, at the end of the initial one year term, for another one year subscription unless the subscriber notifies imView (30 days prior to the end of term) via written notice or email to

ImView reserves the right to not accept certain types of payment. Signing up for automatic (monthly or annual) credit card payments is preferred. Users of the service agree to the automatic renewal of service for a term matching that of their previous service term length until such time that they contact imView to cancel their user subscription to the imView service.

Return Policy: Subscribers to the imView service may receive a full refund of purchase if requested within 15 days of initial purchase. All requests for refund must be sent to

Please note: imView will not be responsible to refund the customer if the customer is unable to properly register the imView application. Prior to installation it is the customer’s responsibility to disable any firewalls, antivirus software and/or spy-ware applications as these could prevent the proper registration of imView.

Users also agree not to use the imView service for any unlawful or improper purpose.

ImView does not enable or provide Internet access. Access to the Internet must be obtained separately in order to use the imView service.

imView reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes to and