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Blog Post Protect Your Child from World Wide Dangers with ImView Internet Monitoring

Protect Your Child from World Wide Dangers with ImView Internet Monitoring



Protect Your Child from World Wide Dangers with ImView Internet Monitoring

The Internet is a valuable tool for children of all ages. Schools rely more and more on Internet access for children to learn and gather information about a wide range of topics. Unfortunately, they are also at risk from predators and adult content that you want to protect them from. Internet monitoring will allow you to see which sites your child is visiting and what they are searching for. ImView’s Internet monitoring software lets you instantly view all of the keyword searches your child performs on all of the major search engines, so you always know what their Internet activities are.

At ImView, we want to make parents aware of what their children are doing online so that they can protect them from the dangers that exist. Our data collector captures all of the words or phrases that your child uses in a search box, so that you can see what they are searching for and how frequently they are searching for them. When you look at Internet monitoring reviews online, you will find that many of these services are quite expensive. As an existing ImView customer, you don’t have to pay any more to enjoy these features of our Internet monitoring software.

Internet monitoring will help to increase your awareness of what your child is doing online. Like all of the data that is collected through our cell phone or Internet monitoring products, you can view these results on your ImView account through an Internet collection.

A lot of children, especially teens, spend a great deal of time on Facebook. Our Internet monitoring software will let you view all of their Facebook visits so that you know what they are posting as well as what they are reading. You can also monitor what they do on My Space. Internet monitoring lets you know today what your children are doing online so that you can continue your parenting even after they log in! Putting blocks on your child’s computer is no guarantee that they won’t have access to harmful sites. Make sure they are only getting the information that you want them to have with the best in Internet monitoring software.

If you want to try Internet monitoring but aren’t sure you have the technical know-how, don’t worry. Our Internet monitoring software offers ease-of-use and provides you with the features you need for everything your child is doing online. Read the Internet monitoring reviews online to see what makes different brands of software stand out. Compare to ours and see how much more you can get!


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