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Blog Post PC Monitoring Software is Only One Line of Defense




PC Monitoring Software is Only One Line of Defense

Law enforcement officials don’t pull any punches when they tell parents about the potential dangers of the Internet. Sexual predators, scammers and even cyber bullies in a child’s very own class can all make the online world an especially hazardous place for unsupervised youngsters and teens. One of the first lines of defense a parent can use is a PC monitoring software package, but it shouldn’t be the only safeguard considered.

PC monitoring software can provide parents with access to a host of tools that enable them to better keep up with their child’s online activity. When a good program is put into use, parents can:

Monitor email and instant messages

Keeping up with who children are talking with and the nature of their conversations might feel uncomfortable in some situations, but the reality is this is an important part of keeping them safe. Internet predators can easily disguise themselves as other teens so it just pays for parents to monitor conversations. Bullies a child might actually know may also use email or instant messages to intimidate and threaten. By being able to keep up with conversations, parents can be aware of any red flags in activity that require addressing.

Block inappropriate content

Just because the Internet has some incredible websites doesn’t mean children need access to each and every one. If a site has been deemed inappropriate by a parent, a good PC monitoring software package will enable that parent to block future visits.

Log keystrokes

Even the most well-intentioned teens need to have their social media activity monitored for safety reasons. Unfortunately, doing so without access to the teen’s user name and password can be tough. Good monitoring packages enable parents to capture this data so they can keep up with messages sent and received through social media.

Capture screenshots

Sometimes it’s important for parents to be able to capture images of online activity. Whether this is meant to confront a child about inappropriate behavior or to provide a paper trail for law enforcement, having the ability to get screenshots is an important feature a good monitoring program should offer.

While PC monitoring software packages provide parents a leg up on keeping their kids safe online, they shouldn’t be the only measure put into action. Parents can also help safeguard their kids by going over the rules of Internet safety with them, talking about the dangers, watching as kids use electronic devices and limiting their time online.

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