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Get Parental Alerts Real-Time

With imView parental alerts WILL BE alerted anytime computer activity occurs that they deem inappropriate.

imView gives parents the ability to build profiles of inappropriate keywords into their account so they can be alerted via email when any inappropriate activity occurs on the computer that they are monitoring.

Once you subscribe to imView you will have access to our Account Settings page. Within this section we have built a large list of inappropriate terms for our customers to review.

By simply selecting what terms you deem inappropriate, you will not only receive an email alert but also a screenshot of context in which that term appeared. Additionally, customers are not limited to the terms we provide. Any term that you would like to be alerted by can easily be added into your account profile.

This alerting technology will capture terms that appear on websites as well as when that term is typed by the user of computer being monitored.

As parents there are always certain individuals we do not want our children communicating with. Simply but entering a screen-name into your Alerts Profile you will be notified whenever your child is chatting with that individual.

We also suggest through our Resources for Parents section that you familiarize yourself with the many chat acronyms and definitions provided by our partner This will not only help you as a parent better understand the definitions of the thousands of chat acronyms and online terns, but also give you ideas of certain chat acronyms that you can add to your Alert Profile to be notified on.


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