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View ALL Online Search Activity

With imView’s Family Online Safety Program, instantly view your children’s keyword search activity on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.

In our ongoing efforts to bring awareness to parents about what their children are doing online, specifically what they are searching for on online, be it on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL, imView has developed a data collector to capture all search query activity.

What does capturing search query activity mean for our customers? It’s simple…anytime your child types in a word or a phrase into the search box of Google, Yahoo, Etc., imView captures these words or phrases and allows customers to see dates, but more important, the frequency in which these searches are conducted.

The best part about it is, as an imView customer, you already have it and it doesn’t cost you any more money. There’s nothing to do. It’s part of our commitment to continue to enhance the product and deliver those enhancements to our customers.

Although we still give you the ability to capture all the website history, we feel that this is the next significant step in providing parents with the next level of awareness related to what their children are doing online.

As with all of imView’s data collectors, this information can be viewed from anywhere you have an Internet connection through your imView account and all of the data collection is done discreetly.


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