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Why Imview

Many electronic devices brag about their parental controls that are supposed to help parents keep their children safe online. Unfortunately, these parental controls often leave a lot to be desired. They are often difficult for parents to set up and don’t always offer full protection. Parental controls are often effective for:

  • Blocking websites
  • Reviewing browser history
  • Tracking instant messaging
  • Restricting time usage
  • Creating filtering guidelines

The Internet monitoring software at imView allows individuals to easily track activity on smartphones, computers and tablets. This is a great addition to any parental controls you may already be using. With our Internet monitoring software, you will gain the added ability to:

  • Monitoring all instant messaging
  • Taking random or timed screenshots of the device screen
  • Blocking websites based on their content
  • Capturing keystrokes
  • Viewing email activities
  • Receiving alerts for inappropriate use
  • Offering discreet coverage

At imView, we give parents the ability to collect information on the activities their children are taking part in online. This is a great advancement over the parental controls many devices already offer. When you use parental controls and Internet monitoring software together, you can restrict access for your child to keep him from using websites that aren’t appropriate, as well as collect information about what he is really doing online. This can save your child from danger, as well as give you peace of mind that he is safe and secure online. It’s a win-win situation for parents and children alike.


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