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Discreetly Monitor and View the Information from Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection

imView is a completely discreet application and the data that we collect from your child’s computer can be viewed by a parent from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Monitoring your child’s computer activity is a personal parenting decision, therefore we have made imView completely invisible on the host machine and this allows parents to choose whether or not they are telling their children their computer activity is being monitored.

We also know that today’s generation of children is extremely computer savvy.  With this in mind, if in the event a child somehow disabled imView, the imView account owner is notified within 48 hours that their data has stopped collecting.

All of the information collected by imView can be viewed from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Whether you are at the office or on vacation, with imView you will have the peace of mind knowing that you can view your child’s computer activity without ever having to go to their physical machine.  By logging into imView’s secure web portal, you will have the ability view all collected data as well as set alerts and adjust settings.

See how imView’s Discreet Monitoring and Remote Viewing Capability will help you as a parent “Know Their World”


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