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  Get SpyPhone Today       Features: Call Interception Listen in to live calls happening on the target device. You can receive a secret SMS alert whenever your list of specific numbers are in contact with the target, or you can choose to be alerted for all connecting calls. If you then call the target mobile, you will be added to the live call. Spy Call Make a spy call to the target phone running Spyera Spyphone and listen to the phones’ surroundings. This is not the same as patching into live calls (Intercept Call), but will turn the phone into a remote bugging device (conversations in the room, etc). Read SMS Messages Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, even if user delete SMS you will still get copy of SMS. All SMS messages are sent to your Spyera Spyphone web account. All languages supported. Read E-mail All E-mails are sent to your Spyera Spyphone web account, even if user delete them. If the e-mail address is in the phones address book, the contact name will also be available. All languages supported. (The address must be configured with an E-mail inbox on the phone) See Call History View their entire call history and get the name of the contact from the address book. The time, duration and number. Read Messenger Chat Read messenger chat logs in both side even if deleted or setted “Don’t Save History”. On Blackberry devices read BBM, on iPhone and Android read Whats App messages. We are the only company can capturing BBM even if the settings is “Save History: Never” All languages supported Location Tracking For devices which include integrated GPS features, Spyera Spyphone will use GPS positioning to show the co-ordinates of the device, and its physical location upon a map inside your web account. It is even possible to configure the settings for real time updates, and to display a path of travel between certain time periods. Cell ID Tracking See the CELL ID and CELL name that the mobile is physically located in. This is helpful in verifying location when GPS is not available. See Contact List If there is a name entry in the phones address book for either an email address or the number of an SMS or phone call, Spyera Spyphone will retrieve those details with each communication it send to your web account. Web History Check what websites been visited by target phone. All URL website addresses visited using the phone’s browser can been seen on your web account with link. Available on Multimedia edition only. See Photos Taken Spyphone has ability to upload all photos taken on target device to your secure web account. You just need to login to your web account and see all photes on target phone immediately. As soon as target user take a picture our software upload a copy of the photo to your web account secretly, so even if target user delete it on the device you can see it on your web account. Sim Change Notification If the SIM card is changed, Spyera Spyphone will continue capturing and reporting all the same data. It also sends an SMS to your pre-defined Monitor number. This allows you to continue making SpyCalls and Intercept calls, still controlling the device because you have its new number. SIM Change Alert is also extremely useful in cases of theft. Unlimited Device Change Phones are now like fashion items and people change them regularly. To protect your investment, Spyera allows you to move the software to any other supported device during the lifetime of your subscription. Remote Control You can change all settings remotely. Send secret SMS to the target phone to enable/disable functions or change settings. No need to physically access the phone for any feature not related to installation. After the initial install, you should not need to physically access the phone again. Undetectable The most important thing for any spyphone is that it remains completely hidden. Unlike most of our competitors, Spyera Spyphone cannot be detected after installation. Ease of Use All products are simple to install, usually within 4-5 minutes. Our manuals provide step by step instructions including screen shots, and support is available if you have any problems. Configuration is simple and you can change settings remotely when needed. iPhone does require jailbreaking, although we provide tutorials for reference and Support is always available. Track Calls On Any Cell Phone with Our Cell Phone Tracking Software

Although cell phones have made it easy for individuals of all ages to communicate freely any time they want, they have also made it easier for people from around the world to gain access to our children. At ImView, we offer the cell phone tracking software that parents can use to ensure their children are only talking to the people that are safe for them to communicate with. When you compare SpyPhone to the products listed in cell phone tracking software reviews, you will find that it offers many more features at a lower price than they do.

One of the most important features listed in cell phone tracking software reviews is the price. If the cell phone tracking software is priced too high, it is not an option for many parents who are concerned about their children’s cell phone use. Our software offers you lots of valuable features at a price that makes it the best choice. Another feature that is considered when comparing cell phone tracking software reviews is the ease of use. Getting started with SpyPhone is as simple as using your Internet connection for the initial cell phone tracking software download. All of the information you need will be sent to your email.

Once you have installed the cell phone tracking software, SpyCall and Intercept Call features work without an Internet connection. The easy-to-use features let you intercept calls to the target phone and even alert you when calls from specific numbers are made. Once the initial cell phone tracking software download has been made, you will be able to use the Spy Call feature to listen to the surroundings of the target phone as you would a bugging device. If there are conversations going on around the phone, you will be able to listen to them.

Users of the target phone might think they are safe from having their SMS messages read when they delete them. With our cell phone tracking software, you will get a copy of each SMS message, even if it has been deleted. Also, read emails even if they are deleted and read the name of the email address owner if it is listed in the contacts. View the entire call history and read all of their messenger chats.

If your child’s phone has a GPS feature, you can use the cell phone tracking software to view the location of the target phone on a map. After the initial cell phone tracking software download, there are many ways that you can monitor your child’s phone use without the need for Internet or cables. See what photos they have taken and view a complete history of the websites that they have visited. Even if the SIM card is changed, you will still have access to all of the phone data.

Check out the cell phone tracking software reviews online and compare to our ImView SpyPhone software for features and price. We offer a product that is simply the best and which makes it affordable to spy on virtually any cell phone. Once installed, our software cannot be detected so that you get the best results with the least effort!

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